Free Electronic Cigarette Kit

The Electronic Cigarette has monumental “Buzz” growing in the popular media right now.

So why did New York consider a Ban on these devices in January 2011. And why has this legislation stalled in the senate? New York was all set to become the first state in the United States to ban Electronic cigarette smoking in public places. Bill A9529 and bill S7234 were introduced in the beginning of this year to block the use of electronic cigarettes. According to Wiki Peers, the reasoning behind this bill came from certain sections of New York society who felt that the way that Electronic Cigarettes were depicted in advertisements was not appropriate. It was cited that the proposed ban was to avoid the possibility of electronic cigarettes luring in young individuals and then turning them into nicotine addicts.

Mike Ward a blogger for www.AElectronicCigarette,com recently wrote “As a nation we should start to worry the moment Justin Beaver picks up an Electronic Cigarette on You Tube. Until then these devices are a less harmful alternative with strong benefits and should be allowed” he went further to write “The New York City Electronic Cigarette Ban completely dismisses those individuals who have successfully used electronic cigarettes to help cut down their tobacco consumption and ignores many who claim that these devices really help. For millions of smokers worldwide the electronic cigarette could prove to be a miracle cure to their tobacco addictions.”

Smoking electronic cigarettes gives you the chance to have the feeling that you love without the negative side effects. This is a safer, better, and more personalized way for you to smoke how and when you want to. You are vaporizing rather than lighting up and smoking so it is healthier for you without sacrificing the same smoking experience that you want. What is even better is that this comes with many more benefits to it. You can smoke it anywhere and you have many options to make this your own. If you are trying to quit, using a kit can help you to do so easily and in a way that suits you entirely.

An electronic cigarette kit will give you everything that you need to begin smoking electronically. You will have the device that you need, of course, along with items like the charger and liquid. This gives you the ability to start off strong and to be able to try this without having to learn what you do or do not need, decreasing the risk of mistakes. You will be able to choose something that you know will work for you and that you know you need. Everything is already packed and ready for you to use, making purchasing and beginning smoking electric easier than ever.

Once you get your free electronic cigarette kit, you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits possible. These are smoke free, easy to use, healthier, and better in general. You will get to choose from several different flavors and begin using as soon as possible. On top of that, this is better on your wallet. This is because the cost for refills is lower than a regular carton of cigarettes and you get more per refill. You will get to save your life and your money by switching to electric, which is not that difficult since it has everything that you want and nothing that you hate.

If your cigarette is empty, you can always buy a refill. These refills are easy to find and, as stated, they are going to be cheaper in the long run than new packs of cigarettes will be. When buying, you will find that there are several flavors available to you. Whether they are more like candy or the traditional nicotine flavor, you can find something that you like and that makes smoking better. There are replacements and refills available for purchase so you can make the most out of your kit for longer.

When you have everything, enjoying the smoking is going to be easy. You will get to smoke with fewer worries or problems getting in the way. This is a vaporizer so it is healthier, it is easier and cheaper to use, and it offers you what you want. It exists to help you enjoy smoking more or to even quit entirely if that is what you want. This is a big step up from traditional cigarettes and these kits give you the chance to find that out for yourself.